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I followed the directions and would love to win.
I would like to see articles relevant to homeschooling preschool and high school.
I  focus on feeding my family organic, whole goods. I keep a garden and buy local as much as possible. I prefer alternative health care with a heavy focus on herbalism.  I also use cloth diapers.
Sorry, no pics. I am 41 years old and have a 10 year old son. I am 31 weeks along, due the 5th or 8th? of May. Tell me what you see with this baby, please. Also do you see me having another and if so, what its gender might be. I would think we are done after this, but my 10year old keeps saying he thinks we'll have another after this. Is he being psychic, or what? Thanks, Teresa
Becki, I just reread your post, I will head over to the home birth forum and see what I can find also. Thank-you, Teresa
Thank-you Becki, I would probably prefer a hospital CNM, only because a home birth really scares my husband. However, I am afraid that I would be more likely to receive unnecessary interference, just by being in a hostpital. This is my second child, I had my first 10 years ago. I feel the hospital staff tried to torture me with my first. My husband feels I was safer there. I am sure it depends on the CNM and the situation, but what is your...
I am pregnant and will be asking my general practitioner to refer me to a midwife. There is no midwife on the approved practitioner list for my area. However, as I understand it, if my Dr. refers me, then Tricare will work to get them approved. Has anyone worked with Tricare under these circumstances. If so, any advice? Do you know what they require? I read on a midwife's blog online that they require a CNM, however I do not know if this is still true. ...
My son, now 7 learned to read with this book. We started when he was about 5. For us, it was great. We did hit a point where he needed a break, for about 2 months but that seems to happen with all subjects periodically. Actually we did not finish the book, we stopped at around eighty something. He is just reading up a storm. Where reading is concerned, I felt more comfortable having something alittle more structured. We took it slow, with only 2 or 3 lessons some...
Thanks all. I had my cavities filled a week ago. I went ahead and did it in one setting. Under my time constraints right now, I would do the same again, I think. The event was not so bad, nor was the total numbing. I hardly felt the shots, which was a nice surprise. I have went back in twice to get my bite worked on. Its still not right, but not driving me crazy, so I can live with it for a bit. The work took 2 1/2 hours. My jaw is still sore. I'm also...
Not much time, but I just wanted to thank-you all for your input. I'll write more later, Teresa
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