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I am thrilled that we hardly need anything for this babe. Except a new car/van, which I guess is a pretty big ticket item. Hopefully we can find a nice used one. We had two of a lot of things from the twins, so we are in good shape even though we have given a lot of stuff away. I co-lead our local babywearing group, so I'm swimming in carriers Eventually, I'd like a new highchair, probably a simple ikea one. We were gifted big, complicated highchairs for the girls...
Im not very familiar with OCM, but I use a jojoba and lavender blend and it works well on my skin, it is a lot clearer I'll add a drop of TTO sometimes if I need it.
We have a 5 gallon plastic bucket with a lid from the paint section at the hardware store, I think it was around $3. I keep a stainless steel bowl on the counter and use it during the day emptying the scraps into the bucket once or twice a day (under the sink). Bucket gets emptied in the bin every 2 days or so.
Our house was the worst when my twins were nursing very frequently, and has been a little easier since they weaned (a little past 2yo) I just didn't have the time. We have done some major decluttering, gotten rid of a ton of stuff, and I don't have a lot of toys out at a time. I am constantly donating toys and keep half of them in a closet and rotate them out from time to time. I try to do a quick clean up of the play area before / during nap time, and everywhere...
Oh, no... Don't want to think about three! We used to get out at least once a day, but i'm already leaving the house less and less with my 2 1/2 year olds. It's just such a pain! They want to grab everything in the store, fight in the shopping cart... It's so much less stress to stay home (except for nap time). Just moved to a new house with a big garden, so we will be busy with that in the coming months. I find that the more work I have to do around the house...
Hello mamas, we just moved to the Conyers area with 2 toddlers. We moved from elsewhere in Atlanta, so i'm familiar with Atlanta/Decatur, but clueless about this area. So far I know about Panola mountain park, and that there is a story time at the library, but what else is there? Any playgrounds, parks, or other places to go? Any mom or homeschool groups? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
Hi mamas, I have a new tutorial on how to add fringe to your woven wrap (or table runner, or scarf, or whatever you want to fringe!) http://thatlittleworld.blogspot.com/2011/09/tutorial-adding-fringe-to-woven-wrap-or.html
Welcome, mama! I had a horrible case of PUPP! The only thing that helped was making some watery oatmeal, straining off the liquid, soaking a cloth in it and laying it over my belly for awhile. It's gross and a bit slimy, but it worked better than anything else. Then rinse well and use an anti itch lotion like Sarna or a Calendula Cream ( I like California Baby). No advice on Northside, as I delivered my twins via CS at Piedmont, but I hope you have a great birth. ...
My kiddos are 22 months and we wrap almost daily, especially for shopping, sometimes for cooking, etc. One of my girls is sick today, so I expect she will need to be carried quite a bit. I can't shop without carrying a kid, though, as they are both toddlers and I can't deal with them walking in the market .
Great idea! I'll definitely be making some hair clips for my girls, thanks mama.
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