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Thursday night 7/8 I went to bed with more of the crampy braxton hicks contractions I'd been having for weeks, though these were a bit more crampy than usual. At 3am DD woke up coughing and needing water. I got up to get her some, and as soon as my feet hit the floor a contraction started that was *almost* too strong to walk/talk through. I got DD all settled, and had 3 contractions in 15 min. I was hopeful they would continue. After peeing and getting some water, I...
Sooo, after reminding myself of numerous overlooked details, I have decided we have been quite off on our dates. For 1 thing, much later baby movements than my first 2 pregnancies. Not too unusual since every pregnancy is different, but I am very small framed and was quite surprised to go a full4-5 wks longer w/o movement. Really quite unsure of conception. For sure had a period in Sept, *maybe* one in Oct. We went by the Sept date since that is what I was...
Thanks. Right now I'm frustrated. DS woke up w/ a fever and has now begun puking. Poor guy. I could send him to grandma's, but he really needs me right now, and if he missed the birth he would be pretty upset.
We're not 100% certain of our dates, but we know we're only a few days off if at all. DD was 39w1d, DS was 40w5d. I seriously never thought I'd go this long. I'm so ready for this baby to be born, and I know DH and the kids are too. I've had crampy contrax for 2 days, but they never turn into anything. I'm getting emotionally exhausted here. Please send me some labor vibes!
My EDD was June 15 too. Tried the cohoshes yesterday, which started some good crampy contrax, but never turned into anything. I am having a hard morning. I know I need to try and be positive but damnit, I want to hold this baby. And I'm getting to the outer limits of my comfort zone being 42w4d.
42 wks today, so I'm going to try these pressure points tonight. check out all 3 of the lady's videos on inducing labor. If it works I'll be posting with a birth announcement! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3gYUBhlMIo&NR=1
Congrats! My 1st was hard and fast too. It started like someone threw a switch on, BAM! Contrax 3 min apart from the first. 6 hrs later baby was born. If it makes you any more at peace about another possibly fast birth, my second was 4 hrs, but not anywhere near as intense.
Quote: Originally Posted by slsurface I'm SO there with you mommariffic! expatmommy, I'm not so worried about missing it, but I do keep hoping that I'll wake up in the middle of the night having contractions. Every morning that I wake with still no signs of labor (other than the continued intense pelvic pain) is sooooo very depressing. I want this baby NOW!!!! EXACTLY how I feel. Mornings are hard. By evening I'm excited about another...
lol, no offense taken! I don't want to be in my shoes either! Tomorrow is my birthday, and for some reason I really hope baby gets its own birthday. Not because I don't want to share, but I want baby's day to be just for him/her. Maybe to a kid it won't matter and I should stop worrying about it, but I'm so stinkin' hormonal and sensitive right now I can't stop thinking about it.
41w3d here. Grumpy, tired, and hormonal. I'll spare you all from a long, whiney post though. It could get ugly.
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