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I support them, because many aren't just bored and doing this for fun, they are advocates for women in many cases. HOWEVER, I would never ever use one myself. 1) my state has awesome resources for all sorts of births and 2) I trust if I risk out of my licensed midwives care that I should go to the hospital and deliver.
So precious!
I haven't really kept any of the big stuff baby to baby, and I sold or gave away all my clothes after finding out the next baby wasn't the same gender as the previous (girl, boy, girl). I'm on baby #3 and we are up to our ears in baby stuff with her, and we didn't buy most of it lol
I honestly use whatever detergent I have as long as it doesn't have fabric softners. I use a heaping scoop of Gain these days since it was on sale. I used to use 2 tbsp of cloth safe detergent and it did NOTHING for my diapers. As far as natural detergent, I've heard good things about 7th generation and Honest Co.
So, for our one year anniversary, we got our anniversary date tattoed on is. Super cute, right? Wrong. DH messed up the date on his >.
This is what we are doing! I'm thinking of dividing it between my 3 kids and putting it in a college account for them.
I'm doing this "save x amount per week" goal. It goes in a general savings account, but am considering pulling that money out and putting it in our safe.
Huge thank you note giver! It actually irks me when people don't do them (I suppose since I grew up doing them). I write them out and let the kids scribble a drawing. My oldest is 5.5 y/o and loves writing so she can do her own for the most part.
Nothing for my kids pops up, my husbands graduation and some articles from his school and sports days does, and my Facebook profile comes up. Not too shabby and I'm not really concerned. If I search my maiden name (very unusual in itself but even stranger in comparison of my current last name) and a bunch of stuff from my cheerleading days pops up, my childhood address, stuff about my dad who is a veteran, etc. My 16 year old self has a stronger web presence than my...
New Posts  All Forums: