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We're doing this save x amount of money per week challenge. If you keep with it, you'll have over $1k by the end of the year. We anticipate a large tax return and with that we are paying off and down some debt, saving $1k for an emergency fund, and my husband is going to Mexico for a little R&R (he truly deserves it, and a lot of the trip is covered by his dad). I want to be more financially responsible. I'm an impulse buyer and "need" stuff that I never use and ends up...
Imagine brand has affordable diapers and a variety of styles. Nicki's diapers
I love Hyland's because they are an affordable and easily accessible naturopathic route.
When you have a dream all your cloth diapers are ruined and you wake up crying! I was pregnant during this dream lol
Do any of you Anchorage mamas have experience with this school?
I like both on Facebook I'd use this picture for the card:
I had a knock off American Girl doll. She was so creepy, I threw her in my closet every night and my mom would put her back on my dresser during the day.
I used to make gifts but felt the same way--it wasn't appreciated. Now I just try to find things that won't break the bank but I know they'll enjoy. For instance, I'm getting my mom in law and grandma in law each a painting from a friend of mine. Both paintings will be something they like and I am supporting a friend.
What are some of your hobbies? Baking, making tutus, scrapbooking, driving around the McMansions in our city. What are your favorite colors? Pink, teal, brown, grey. What is your favorite tree? Willow Are you more of an indoors or outdoors person? Indoors What is your favorite season? Autumn. So much so I named my oldest Autumn! Do you have any pets? No What makes you smile? My children, kindness, little kids
I really want money/gift cards to put towards tattoos. Gift cards to Forever 21 and Sephora Art work Anything Hello Kitty
New Posts  All Forums: