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I think we're going to have a few Easter babies...
She also told me houses and apartments are designed differently. She's never had an issue in any scenario, but has only heard stories of the pool falling through the floor in houses, minus stories of transfers and no one draining the pool and it bursting(and that was a big leak/flood, not a caving situation)
My midwife asked me "Would you feel the floor would cave if you had 12 grown men in any one spot in your home? Do you have any heavy furniture pieces that are -always- around without caving? Have you filled the bathtub up with water and fell through the floor?" It really made me realize that it's pretty unlikely that the floor would cave under the weight of the birth pool
Girl, 8.6 lbs., 21 inches, Easter baby!!!
How exciting! I'm glad you had a wonderful birth experience, and I can't wait to see picture of the little one if you share
I've had steady contractions today, pretty far apart and short, but constant, midwife came and checked me and I'm dilated at 2cm..I'm only 36w, so hopefully Callie stays put another week otherwise I have to go to the hospital to birth her. I'm feeling by the end of the first week of April she'll be here, but I know with that thinking she will stay put until May haha
I have another fear, I have a hemorrhoid the size of Texas and am terrified it'll burst(or whatever the heck hemorrhoids do) while pushing. I'm absolutely terrified of this even if it isn't practical.
Heh, I'm cheap and use my purse or my $20 Walmart bag!
I think if you're going to go cloth, just go full out. Remembering to put one thing in the trash/toilet and the other in the pail, etc. just seems like more work to me. I know they make "Eco-friendly" disposable inserts, but they are still waste product.
I feel like... if I could rip this baby out of me, I would lol. I'm MISERABLE. The only position that feels good to sleep is flat on my back, but then when I wake up I'm so stiff that I literally am crying from being in so much pain, I can't fall asleep laying on my sides, and my arms can't get comfortable at any rate >:| Heartburn is killing me, I have severe headaches, and every little thing is annoying me. I really, really hope I have this baby in the next week or...
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