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UGH, Medicaid SUCKS. They have me due at the end of this month as opposed to the end of next month, and I got a letter in the mail yesterday saying if I am still pregnant at the end of March to call them and let them know. Uh, I'll be just 37 weeks on the last day of March, I'll assume I'll be pregnant still -.- I called and told them I'm due April 21st, and now they want my midwife to call them and verify that because they have my DD as March 21st, as the person who...
*big hugs* It'll all fall into place! I moved out of my home in April of last year until August when DH and I took a break, and just those few months were so tough, I can't imagine doing it alone for the long haul. If he's abusive though, I'd definitely encourage him to sign over his rights, as bad as that sounds... baby doesn't need to be around someone like that. You have a bunch of ladies here to vent to, you can message me anytime if you want, I'm always open ears if...
And the pictures on FB thing, whenever someone posts pictures of my kids without permission, I report the picture. IDC if it's an uncle posting a picture or a friend, my DH and I are the ONLY ones to post pictures of our children on FB. I don't know everyone personally on everyone else's friends list, and they have no business having any pictures of my children on their pages.
Wow, I'd be absolutely LIVID! Especially since she didn't just let it slip that she knew the baby's name, but she tried making it a guessing game amongst everyone as well. I'm a grudge holder, so honestly I'd probably let her be the last to know the baby is born and say something along the lines of "Oh, I didn't know it would hurt your feelings!"
I'm scared of my 2 year olds reaction too... though, he'll be or almost be 3(his birthday is the 25th). He's a loving boy, but he's wild and definitely has a temper that he doesn't know how to work with. I'm terrified of going pee and leaving the baby in her seat and him deciding to bite her or hit her or anything else like that :( Or how he'll do sharing me.... he can be completely occupied with something and if he notices DD cuddling with me, he pitches this huge fit...
I'm a strictly "Do not touch my belly/do not touch others bellies" but my word, I want to rub everyone's tummy! They are all so cute!
Please say that people aren't saying you don't look pregnant anymore! You have such a stinkin cute belly!
I cursed her :P
I'm terrified of having a natural birth, so much so I'm considering switching to an OB so I can get the epidural. It's really quite a stupid thing to be scared of since I had a med free birth last time, but I can't shake it out of my mind that I'm going to be in this horrendous pain. It doesn't help that while DH is supportive of my birthing choices he would most prefer me to birth in the hospital.
I've had this philosophy for quite awhile. The epidural is close to $2k($1800 when I had DD 4.5 years ago) vs. an conservative average of $500 for a doula...no brainier there, especially when in a hospital, statistics prove doulas lower epidural use, so even the few who use both services, a majority won't.
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