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I got the epidural with my 1st because I figured if there was one thing I could control, it would be able to at least not feel physical pain, I was going through enough emotional pain from the hands of my mother. She wasn't just bad, she was verbally abusing me and the OB had security kick her out of the hospital. I made it to 7 without it, and honestly wasn't feeling much pain at all, but am glad I got it considering the circumstances. However, baby #2 was a completely...
Ooh! Definitely going to make this, thanks for sharing
I'm interested in seeing the c-section one as well! If I transfer to the hospital for any reason that's NOT for a c-section, I'm probably there for the meds, so I don't really feel a need to have a birth plan in that case lol.
Oh my word Cananny! *swoon* I was GBS+ early on(10 weeks). I'm retesting as I've been informed by many I should have at least consented for my urine to be tested for it(I was given other things they were testing but NOT GBS) and that it can come and go in pregnant women, so...if it comes back positive il do the rinse, if not, nothing.
What exactly is it?
I think DH and I will have a "code" if anyone is in the house when I go into labor, so he can kick them out gracefully but without making it obvious I'm in labor. I'm due April 21st and they are coming the 18th. I'm hoping to avoid the 2 weeks overdue thing I did with DS and go early this time haha
I got my birth pool and supplies , our concerns over the downstairs neighbors have pretty much gone out the window, still hesitant about my husband's step-mom and dad finding out, but at the same time, mehhhh. They won't be invited over while I'm in labor/we'll have an excuse why they can't come over if they are in town, so.. ha!  
I'm thinking of getting the Mimijumi bottles... I'll be going back to school in July at nights M-Th for 4 hours/night, other than when I'm in school, I'll be home with baby and will just feed her directly from the boob. The Mimijumi bottles are like $15/piece, could I just buy one and call it good? There's no need for multiple bottles with using them so little, is there?
Oh my word, Melody! I love the BAB and his whale outfit ! MommyRuth, ughhhhhhh, she expects you guys to host or pay for her hotel when she wants to visit? Rude. But on the flip side, how do you get to meet the mil only twice? I wish I could pull that off..
Cagnew and bmcneal: Ugh, I'm sorry you're dealing with such crazy mothers(and rebellious MIL's),especially so close to the holiday and so far in the pregnancy game, you'd think they could be peaceful for at least another month at the least.  Cagnew, could you host dinner/an Easter activity at your home? I just feel so bad for your MIL being home alone on Easter(especially if Easter is a main reason she decided to come up). If your mom doesn't want to attend something...
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