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My birth supplies are here, woot!
It annoys me too! I'm sure it would annoy me just as much if I was told I was big though lol. I think all you should say is "you look great!" And move on. Btw, I literally had a flat stomach still when I delivered my daughter, and she was 8 lb. 11 oz. my friend had one of those "are you sure you're not having twins?" belly and her daughter was 5lb.
Thanks ladies! I'm leaning more towards 'sposies until the heavy bleeding subdues, idk if I can justify the high prices for the PP pads, and I have regular cloth pads for when the bleeding dies down a bit.. but my gahh, I hate that plasticy smelling/feeling material!  I'm with you 1baby, I love the mesh panties haha. I stole 5 boxes from the hospital after DD was born :-x
I was sitting on the couch with my ipad on my belly, when Calliope karate kicked it, it must have went up at least 2 inches off my stomach 
I'm so sorry about your father <3 I'm glad you got to form those great memories with him!
Did anyone use cloth post partum pads? Worth the extra $$$? Any recommended brands?
Did daylight savings wreck havoc on anyone else's kids/themselves? I started our routines as usual all day yesterday, and my kids were STILL completely thrown off. Instead of taking a nap at noon like they normally do, they just sat in their beds for an hour, so I let them go play, come 3pm, they passed out and were like logs until darn well 6pm(I'm talking DH and I literally started shouting to no avail!) Sylas fell asleep around 9-10pm last night, which is normal...
I'm not doing unassisted, at least, not intentionally since DH kinda nixed that in the ass.. but they sell cord clamps, so you could put that on the cord and then cut with brand new, sterile scissors(medical grade ones, not Crayola brand of course lol!), or I've heard of people burning it off. 
Awww how exciting !
I'm in that stage where I have to go to the bathroom the second I feel I need to pee or...I won't make it wtf! This did not happen with the other two!
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