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I have an incredibly high pain tolerance (it's gotten me in trouble because I can be more hurt than I realize) however, I'll be the oddball out and say transition was the absolute worst pain I have ever freakin experienced haha! Good thing between the first contraction of transition and baby boy being in my arms was under 30 minutes. However, part of me wants a hospital birth with an epi just so I don't have to experience transition pain again.
I haven't installed it yet, but it'll be for Calliope
We have a Mitsubishi Lancer and fit 3 across 2 FF Radians and a RF Combi Cocorro . Tight fit, but cheaper than a new car and they all fit !
Sooo cute! 
I definitely think 12m is still young enough to make the switch! You quite possibly could get a couple years of use out of them with just him, add in if you decide to have more babies and there's even more savings or selling them when he's potty trained
Homebirthers: When do you blow up the birthing pool(if you use one?) and where do you plan on giving birth in the house :)?   I'm going to have the midwife bring her electronic pump at my 37w appointment and just store the pool in our closet when it's blown up.. and I haven't decided between birthing in the living room or my room, I think the living room will win over since it's more open and will fit the pool better, but like the idea of having the bed RIGHT THERE if...
I am more comfortable with oral vs. injection, my midwife is going to look into getting the oral vit k for us
Oh my *big hugs* I hope everything works out for you!!
I'd -like- to say it was Ironmam, but not 100% sure. Too bad this isn't like FB where we can just tag someone haha
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