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Lol it seems like we have a group of grouchy babies!
What?! That's awful does Medicaid not understand that they are saving thousands of dollars by allowing those on it to have OOH births?
She's simply wonderful!
I've been MIA, so reading and catching up on everyone now Calliope is 10 lb. 15 oz.(well, she was on Thursday, so she's probably into the 11 pound range since she was 10 lb. 10 oz. last Monday...lol) she went from extremely small to pudgy in what seemed like overnight! She still has an..iffy latch, but obviously it's working. She's very fussy when she's not asleep, it's draining . We met with our new pedi, and not only does she support our right to not vaccinate, she...
We just had our first appointment with Sandy at One Family. She's awesome and totally supportive on not vaccinating !
It started about a week and a half ago :( I've been told it is a really big week for them growth wise, so hopefully it's that instead. This is miserable!!
$60k + rent + wanting a decent area to live in will be tough to manage. I'm in AK, but lived in HI for 6 months on $58k, it was tough
I'm pretty sure Calliope has colic *sigh* Been a looooooooong week here :( On a good note, she's now 10lb. 10oz, 2 lb. weight gain in 2 weeks hah!
Cord burning! I found out about it after my newborns birth, wish I had known sooner, I would have done it over clamping.
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