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OMG Mayday... I would be LIVID. He either didn't read your chart, mixed you up, or just made his opinions clear. All 3 inappropriate from a medical professional! I wouldn't go back, and I'd file a complaint. That's just.. yeah, no. You could be a 16 year old with 3 babies and pregnant with twins and it is NOT up to the OB to bring up sterilization(IMO). UGH UGH!
Haha, I've started filing out, I should post another picture! I'm in LOVE with your bump, it's so cute and round!   
Heh, I've seen Bambi and I mixed up 3 times so far in the last few days :P!
I use ring slings for the NB days, after 2 kids and a baby I babysat from 3 weeks old, I could never get the hang of wraps. After 15 lb. I switch to the Boba, and can still carry my 40 lb. almost 3 year old in it comfortably(and I have a horrible back!)
Had a baby appointment today! Calliope is doing great, hates cooperating for the doppler and took 10 minutes to get her to stay put for her heartbeat....150BPM! She seems to be growing good! OH! And I talked to her about not doing vaginal exams during labor, and she agreed to it :D
My DS placenta is still in the freezer, almost 3 years later *blush* I HAD plans to plant it, but haven't... I'm going to encapsulate this newest babies:)
I had constant nausea from the beginning-20ish weeks, barely ate, but still gained like 30 lbs o.0 (HOW?) Now the past 3-4 weeks have been heartburn hell, even drinking water brings on a heartburn attack :( I'm sad I can't feel the baby as much as most since I have an anterior placenta :( and when I DO feel her, it feels like her foot is going to shoot out of my vagina or something, so uncomfy!!!!
I feel April will be here before I know it because DS birthday is on the 25th, baby is due the 21st, and I'm of course going to have it all spring on me if I don't prep NOW lol. So far besides a few more pairs of pants, Callie's wardrobe and diaper stash is complete for the newborn days, bassinet is ordered, I have our car seat arrangements done with(but have to buy the oldest their new seats, Callie will be in either the Myride 65 that my daughter uses now or the...
I know it's not technically the "middle east" though many think so, so did you/your family have any problems being of Pakistani decent while living in NY after 9/11? I know a few Muslim students(not sure where they were from though..) had a very hard time, a family even pulled their kids out of school, because of the prejudice...and we lived in Alaska!
Unless I double stuffed, I've never had an issue with the kids clothes fitting true to their size, GRANTED, I never did this with a newborn lol
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