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My youngest is named Calliope (Cah-lie-oh-pee), it's pretty darn unusual 
Calliope is getting enough(her constant diaper changes and weight gain at least indicate she is lol) but her latch is awful. She falls off constantly and it HURTS. The LC was no help, either. Both my other kids were awesome nursers, but I feel like I'm failing here
If I had the willpower to tell him to pull out, I'd do it haha. I can see myself getting pregnant(purposely) doing withdraw method .
I am so, so sorry :(
I've only worn Calliope in our Ktan,and I like it, but I ordered too big of a size. It makes me feel good, because by their definitions of sizing I should use a large, I bought a medium because I heard they ran big, but I should have gotten the small haha. She enjoys the Ktan, but we haven't gotten the hang of nursing in it down yet. We also have a Boba 3G. I got it specifically for the newborn size(sold my 2g Boba for it..) and yet to use the thing lol. Calliope is just...
My kids aren't in school yet, but when they are, if they have good teachers I will give them a spa gift card or a coffee card. I know a lot of supplies are paid for by the teacher(being an education major, myself) BUT I think it's nice to recognize the teacher as someone outside of school as well(and who doesn't love a day of pampering?)
I don't say anything, but when it's my child, I leave the store. No one wants to listen to that.
DD and DS share a room still at 4 and 3. They have bunk beds, so in a sense they have their own spot in the room. I don't see the issue in siblings sharing a room for really any time...they are siblings for goodness sake! Plus, they both end up in my bed at the end of the night anyway, so it's not like them having their own rooms would keep them from being around each other at night
Only my ODD is in gymnastics right now..DS is starting mid-May. She's 4.5 and has been in gymnastics since her 3rd birthday. She just moved up from the preschool class to Grizzly Bears, which is the 4-6 y/o class. After this class they place the kids who have mastered the basics on competitive teams, there's still regular classes for the kids who don't. I'm fairly confident DD will make the competitive team in 2 years. I buy her leotards used, but she normally just wears...
My 4 and 3 y/o get ready for bed around 7:30(bath, teeth brushing, pj's, etc.) and are usually in their beds by 8-8:30. Thursday is our late night, DD has gymnastics from 6:45-7:45 and we aren't home until 8ish. Usually the kids are up until 10 easily on Thursday night. My DS always wakes up at 7 if not earlier, DD usually wakes up 30 min-1 hour after he does, even though she's the older one, she needs more sleep to function. We don't have a bedtime routine for our...
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