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I had a brain freeze and was thinking about uterine lining and pomegranate juice. I'm the one to be drinking the pomegranate juice. @Xerxella @chuord
I'm sorry but when I read your post the first 5 sentences I just burst out in laughter in front of my in laws. I swear to you I have been dealing with the same sorts of behavior and I just told my husband yesterday that it was like I was hanging out with a off centered person all day. It is driving me crazy. My son turned 3 3, three weeks ago. I cut his pizza the wrong way the other day and it got thrown! His burrito fell open today and he was upset and said he did not...
Good to know! Slow and steady . Are you drinking pomegranate juice and eating more protein?
omg!!!!! I can't believe it!! I am so happy for you. Congrats!! You did get an implanted embryo from the Easter bunny. Wow
Ask away!yes she is a proven donor to an extent. She produced and responded well for another couple but the recipient of the egg had issues that prevented a pregnancy and though they( the couple have eggs left, they have not used them) my doctor really was into us choosing her and so were we.. Yes the donor starts her meds a bit later than I do. She is on bc pills right now as well and will be taking lupron so she will be starting only about a week after me. Around the...
You could cut or rock a high bun or a cool hair wrap. They are easy to make and look beautiful. Best
I read your post and just wanted to respond by giving you a hug( hug) I have no advice really. Guess it is time to try to move on forever by processing now.
@chuord I will start giving the hugs right away! Thanks for that and the migraine recommendation. I'm looking for something more natural as I am going to be doing so many dang medications. I drink carrot juice all the time too, just cause we like it! Alright on the ewcm! @Xerxella thanks for that post too. You know the one. I was just pondering how to respond and considered having a few fellow mods help but you did wonderful an I love your approach and kindness! That is...
I am having to out myself on all my stalking these day... Lol I guess we stalk each other. I just read about your smiley, happy baby! What joy! I cannot wait !!!
@Kewpie80that is great news!
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