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Perhaps this is a totally different thread, but I am a working mom who would love to stay home.  Does anyone out there have suggestions for jobs I can do from home?  I am a good typist and good writer...   Thanks in advance
Hello-- we freeze soups and such in wide-mouth Ball canning jars and use the metal lids with no problem!  To defrost, we just take off the metal lid and stick in the microwave.  Not a single one has broken!
Hello! I'm just starting out at Mothering and find myself lost with the terminology used on this website, such as DD and DH and "bumping."  There are lots more and I'm sure you all can think of a few to explain to me!!!  Can anyone give me a "dictionary" of terms?  Thank you all!
We are interested in canning also but just recently started freezing prepared soup (tomato and chicken) in Ball wide-mouth canning jars.  You just need to leave a 1 inch head space and they freeze up great.
  I'd love to make this but we don't have any coconut oil -- does anyone know what I can use instead?   
My husband told me before our son was born that he was sure that the baby's poop would come in neat, clean little packages.  I laughed, having changed many diapers before as a child care provider, and said, "buddy, you wait."  Our son was only a few days old and I was still somewhat bedbound.  He took the baby into the nursery to change his diaper.  A moment or two later I heard "LAURA!" and bolted out of bed because of how urgent his call sounded. In the process of...
Thank you for your response!  As you can tell, my medical terminology is not up to par.  Thanks again!  --Laura
Dear Dr. Sears, Thank you for taking the time to read our question!  We have a 1 ½ year old who is a very healthy unvaccinated boy.  We have many reasons for not vaccinating and at this time plan to at least stall the vaccinations until 2.  My question for you I suppose is related to genetics.  Many family members on my side of the family have/had immune deficiency disorders, including: my father has a form of rheumatoid arthritis, my brother has food/ environmental...
Don't give up.  Take it from me--I've been nursing my son now for 1 1/2 years and I still have a bit of pain.  I had excruciating pain like you for nearly 3 months.  Same thing--lactation consultants, etc, and they said we had a good latch as well.  Nothing helped except the passage of time.  I hope your pain doesn't last as long--it's just miserable.  I can say now that every minute of pain was worth it.  My son has had 3 fevers in his life, 2 small, short colds, no...
Hello EarthBirthLady,  Our son sounds a lot like your child, except he's 17 months and has NEVER slept through the night.  He still nurses and we co-sleep.  Maybe 2 months ago, he went from waking once or twice a night to nurse to every 45 minutes or so and crying loudly.  We found that he was getting all four first molars as well as 6 other teeth, simultaneously!  Awful for the poor thing, I think.  He has since pulled through and has all those teeth now and is back to...
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