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Thanks, HappyHappyMommy
Hi, mamas. Did either of you find a good, bf-friendly pediatric dds? I'm in Sonoma County, but willing to travel.   Thanks!
Hello, SoCo mamas. Our l.o. just turned 1 and we're looking for a bf-friendly ped dentist, preferably in West County. Any recommendations? We've checked out the website for Dr. Rob Oliver's practice but, while he looks great in many ways, we're obviously put off by statements such as, "Putting a baby to bed for a nap or at night with a bottle other than water can cause serious and rapid tooth decay."   I'm also pretty sure that d.d. has a lip tie (which would explain the...
OMG have I been remiss! Computer time has been at a real premium since Junah joined our family...she absolutely refuses to nap off my body (which is going to get interesting as we get into the heat of summer), and most of the time I do get is used for work.    I've just finally spent a bit of time lurking and catching up on all the babies...SO. MUCH. CUTENESS!   Here's a shot (from a few weeks ago) of our little girl's first swim. It sure is handy to have a...
Sounds like a great product. We would love to try it!
Liked both Mothering and Boba on Facebook!  
My favorite thing about baby wearing so far, at 6 weeks postpartum, is that my babe and I don't yet have to give up the nurturing physical connection we shared while she was in utero. Of course, the convenience factor is fantastic, too...but the added emotional/psychological/developmental benefit is an amazing bonus that I hadn't thought to expect. <3  
Hi, Mamas. My babe and I have been struggling with latch issues for 6+ weeks now and the lactation specialist we saw looked quickly at her frenulum and said there's no tongue tie. After doing my research, though, I'm convinced that the problem is posterior...but I need someone to officially diagnose. Any referrals in Sonoma County? (Or even in the surrounding areas?) Thanks!
Hello, mamas. It looks like a lot has been going on here over the past few days! The same has been true in our world IRL, too...which is why it's taken me such a long time to get upstairs to the computer. Congratulations, everyone!   Our little sweet pea, Junah Lucia, arrived on Thursday morning, 2/21. The birth was amazing, our babe is perfect in every way, and we're completely in love/blissed out/sleep deprived/blown away by it all. More details and a photo to come...
Thanks, buko!
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