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Hi Lilac, I would also think that waking up earlier would result in a lower temperature.  With that said, earlier posts have revealed that I may be an overzealous temp adjuster.   On the same note, I know that there are several Metformin Ladies on this thread.  Have any of you seen your temperatures increase from the Metformin? If so, did this regulate after you had been on the meds for a while?   Also, another question, I had knee surgery this past Thursday on CD 8. I'm...
Rosie, your menu sounds amazing.  And the pictures of the pickling are fabulous! I love canning and pickling.  When my partner and I moved to SoCal I had to give up my garden and I miss it! Happy summer cooking!
Congrats Hokie!
Ha! That's funny Chapluqa! We also were trying to time a baby to as close to a dissertation defense, as possible.  It hasn't worked out so well on our end, either.  Alas, I suppose I could jump into the job market...    
Hey Taxi, I changed my url for my fertility friend charts.  I've also added it to my signature line, too.  Sorry to be a pain!    
Hey Chapluqa, It is my understanding that you should adjust.  I've read .1 degree per half hour, so I would have bumped my 6:30 temp to an even 98.0.  I would love to hear other's opinions...   What are you getting your degree in?
Boots, This is good to hear! I just finished the longest cycle, ever.  I really hope that the metformin will shorten my cycle AND increase my cervical mucous.  That would be really exciting!  I can relate, though.  The unpredictability of the cycle makes it super hard to do the thing (that being sex) at the right time.  I'm just going to put it out there - having sex every other day for two months straight is exhausting.     Welcome Chapluqa! I also am trying to finish...
I'm glad it is a new week, ladies.  Last week was rough.  I just finished a three week luteal phase.  So much for that two-week wait, I waited three.  It is tricky with PCOS.  Sometimes ovulation predictor tests don't work.  Sometimes early pregnancy tests don't work.  At the end of it all, I got my period and that is the ultimate indicator (that or a baby that pops out forty weeks later).  So, I'm glad that it is a new week and I can look forward.  I also plan on...
Hi Helen, I'm with Jaimee. I also have PCOS and I typically experience "pseudo" LH surges, which result in a lot of PMS like symptoms, but without the ovulation.  It can be quite the hormonal roller coaster, and frustrating, to boot.  Charting does help to pinpoint ovulation dates though.  Good luck!
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