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Congrats Milk! Praying for a sticky, sticky, sticky bean! 
Thanks Shesaidbloom!   Teresaresa - I'm so sorry for your loss. After my second miscarriage I read the book Coming To Term by Cohen. He discusses a lot of the research around miscarriage - recurrent miscarriage specifically. I'm telling you about it because he reviews a study where Scandinavian doctors used a form of tender loving care (that's what they call it) to treat recurrent miscarriage.  The group that received extra care, therapy, attention, etc were found to...
Hi ladies. I'm still out and about, lurking, lurking, lurking. If possible, please do update my blurb:   krunchyk Me (32), DH (34), ttc #1 1/11. Diagnosed with PCOS at 19. Currently taking 1500 mg of Metformin daily along with supplements and acupuncture. Wading into the world of medicated cycles. One missed miscarriage at 8w6d in March. One early miscarriage at 5w4d in May. 
Please remove me from the list.  I lost the pregnancy at 8w6d. 
I wanted to de-lurk and say congratulations, Teresaresa! I've been bopping in on this thread to catch the next BFP and I was excited to see one today.  Again, congratulations!
Hello all! I just popped in to chart stalk.  I've got my eye(s) on you, Sila!    I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Sending fertile vibes!
Still not internet! Blargh! I need to post and run. I'm getting my hair cut with a new stylist.  Scary.    The beta was good not great.  140 with a doubling time of 66 hours.  Still within normal, but definitely not outstanding.  Next beta is Friday and we are hoping for a number between 385 and 560.  Fingers crossed.   Also, Sourire, I had laproscopic removal of my gallbladder and the belly button healed up as quickly as the other incisions.  I don't like the...
Sila - I'm so sorry about the BFN.  I was hoping, hoping, hoping this would be your month.     Shesaidbloom - Ugh. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with a quack job.  I think the South Beach Diet would be more helpful than what that person was recommending.  I can't remember if I recommended this book before, but I really liked it.  I've read a lot of low GI/PCOS books and this one has been my favorite.  It actually helped me understand what proportions of...
Sixty-six, ladies! A doubling time of 47.5 hours (to be exact). Looks like I have a fighter.   Grow, baby, grow!   (Progesterone is 50, but that's only because I'm injecting 1 cc of progesterone into my butt cheek every morning and night. I can't complain.)
Sila, Sorry about the BFN.  However, I do have about 50 Wondflo's and they are super sensitive.  I can give you how ever many you want. Your temperature this morning kicked ass.    Bloodwork drawn this morning, and I should have results between 2 and 5 pm PST.  
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