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Mama, just wanted to offer support... my DD1 was (and still is - age 9) a very high needs child, and until I had the second, I didn't realize she was just that way. I thought it was me for a long time, couldn't understand why everyone else was having an easier time of it. I wish you luck and rest and I'm glad you've found some mamas who can relate and hopefully help!
I don't think being with my nursling is martyrdom, either. I am committed heart and soul. But I also don't think that grandparenting is anything like parenting. Furthermore, every person from a previous generation that I've ever talked to about parenting, with the exception of my war-refugee grandmother-in-law, had WAY MORE HELP with parenting, in various forms, than most attachment-style parents I know. Not like in other more traditional societies, but more than...
Wow everyone. Thank you for all these replies (mostly).   You know, I really washed my hands of the Mothering community after some fascist/guilt type commentary that occurred when my DD1 was little. Nine years later, I'm surrounded by people who farm out their kids to day care, nannies, and extended family and think it's freaky to nurse a toddler (or in a restaurant for that matter). So, I found my way back here to MDC and have found it mostly helpful. This is the first...
I don't think information is dangerous. However, I don't think most 3 year olds think things through too far, and you can skip steps, as described by some pps. I would not, however, give incorrect information.   DD1 was 8 when I got pregnant with her sister. She already knew about sex, but of course didn't really think it applied to her real life... until she asked about the pregnancy, and I reviewed it, and (look of horror) "oh my god, you DID THAT???????"
Mama, it sounds like you already know what is best for your son. I understand the fear of upsetting the caregiver. But surely if she is providing such a great home care experience, she understands that your son's needs are very important - especially when he's having such a dramatically different reaction to the two situations. I think she's going to have to find another way to find the time. Maybe you will need to work with her to figure out a way for some type of low...
Mommy feels very angry when you do this / when this happens - it hurts my body - feelings (whatever) - in this family we do not do this...   I do that with a fair amount of ferociousness so she can feel it, she usually bursts into tears and after about 5 seconds I reconcile.    
The nipple tweaking annoys me, too. But I let DD, 18 mo, nurse whenever she wants. Well, sometimes I feel peer pressure and I put her off :/  We may not see it, but they are in fact practicing ways of handling the stresses of life constantly. I believe that giving them that security gives them the strength to develop their independence more naturally. You're doing great, mama!
    thank you, adaline's mama! i was hearing my own inner guilt when I read that. :) what you say makes a lot of sense. I appreciate all these thoughts. thanks everyone! 
I once gave a little bag of band-aids to each 3 year old and I'm telling you, it was the biggest hit of my life. :)
thanks... i appreciate the feedback and would love to hear more people's experiences. yes, a break would be a REALLY GREAT THING!!!!!!! :)
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