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my 17 mo old daughter just calls it 'milk', although it sounds more like 'mak' :)
OP, you are too hard on yourself! the car story is AWESOME!!! hilarious! I have 9 yo and YES!!!!!! it's like that!!!! I think more mama humor will help me!    no actual suggestions, just stop blaming yourself. we love them but they are annoying. on the other hand, i do think their lives are hard, and for the first time it's more hard than fun and i suspect they don't know what to do with this, and are thinking life is just going to get worse, and never...
Not quite the '10' thing you are talking about, but ... my dd will be 10 next year and I am thinking of taking her on a special trip, just the two of us. Something to celebrate her growing into the double digits, something we would not have done when she was younger.
I second all the pps - I made a set of 6 for DD at her 1st bday - all different sizes and shapes bought from dharma trading (habotai scarves 8mm), and used either koolaid or some other simple dye I bought from dharma. cheap and fun!   for different sizes, I just wanted to give her options of things to do with them.... one is long and thin, a couple are small or medium squares, a couple are larger squares. they list the dimensions.   the idye packets from dharma...
Children are told what they want by marketers. the degree is based on how much influence, obviously. Like yours, my dd (9) watches very little TV. However, when the junk mail arrives, she too goes berserk with the catalogs.    Ultimately, she wants something that will be fun to play with throughout the year, right? Sometimes it's nice to get them what they want even if it's not our first choice. However, you may know better than she does what that is - the thing that...
maybe you could buy those inexpensive tupperwares (they come in packs, they're more lightweight, i think they can be thrown out but i reuse them) and the kids could decorate with stickers, glitter glue, etc.
yeah,, I would consider the possiblity of an allergy.
With my LO I have also experienced it taking her up to 2 weeks to return to food-normal after an otherwise complete recovery of a GI illness.   However, your comments about her sensitivity to a previous allergy food on contact definitely SOUNDS LIKE ALLERGIES!!! to me. We are struggling with elimination diet currently. I would say that post-sickness she might be more sensitive to her current allergies.   If you are anywhere near Ewing NJ, my family doc is awesome...
those of you that have balance bikes - what brand do you like?
I took DD2 (now 16 mo) at about 12 months because she had a weird gum flap (just a teething issue and normal)... it was very positive and we will now go every 6 months.   I didn't take DD1 (now 9) until she was about 3, and she has had a lot of early cavities. I am not advocating one way or another, nor do I know what caused the cavities, but I felt bad about that and wondered if it was due to a lack of early dentist visits.
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