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Well I found a nanny and I am paying her $100 a day for 3 kids. And 110 a day for 4 kids. Plus she drives her own car, I do put gas money in there.    Thanks for all the suggestions!
I think the important thing to remember is that it doesn't really matter how much more money you make you will end up inevitably spending it on something because we are human. If you are the small population who saves their money, I applaude you. But for us having 4 kids brought greater joy than any job could ever! 
Just found out about GD Friday, I have been reading a lot of differing diet info- can I eat carbs? The lady said no white carbs -which I have been doing all along. I did have to quit pop, which is ok since it's not good for me at all. Also, am I the only one with GD symptoms? I swear, I was peeing every hour, thirsty and super super tired.     
I have 3 kids with another baby on the way. I work full time as an accountant and pay 1500-2000 a month in daycare expenses.What little we have left brings me joy to bring something home every week even if it's minimal -and I'd have to watch a total of 5 kids (plus my 4) to make what I make which includes health insurance. So it's worth it. You can do it, think long term that's what keeps me working! 
I want to nurse my baby but I know I am going to have PPD because I've had it before but never took anything for it besides my ADD meds but after I stopped nursing. Is there any women who nurse and take something? There has to be something for us moms!
Been there done that. Do we know eachother!? We too lived in a camper full time traveling for DH work. It was too hard. We were on the road and he wasn't home until 9 and worked at least 6-7 days a week. We chose to stop in Richmond and settle down and find roots. I don't feel completely great yet but it's probably pregnancy hormones. I have to find my nitche and so do you. It's hard, but you are doing the right thing for your family for the time being. My life changes so...
Boredom is my middle name- hence my blog (familyofmovers)- we've moved 20 times in the last 8 years because I get bored since DH works so much! It gives me something to do! And yes, I can get involved with people in the area and have before but something always gives me the itch!    
I live in Richmond and I created a meetup group for wives of workaholics. I'm a working prego mom to 4 daughters. In a month or two DH will be a traveling project manager- home on the weekends. I don't know how I will work and keep the kids alive and mentally sound with all this inlcuding my high risk pregnancy. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! I wish we could all hang out!
Oh man--this is me! I work now but I"m prego with baby girl number 4. I wanted to work when ds3 was over a year. So I did and then I got a huge surpise! Another baby! Now I want to stay home. But I know it will get totally boring or at least in the past it has to stay home.     
We are a fam of almost 6 including a dog- we use $200 a week- some weeks 100 but having CD, I assume you need to shop at TJ or whole foods so it makes sense.
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