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We started part-time ECing/early potty learning just a couple of weeks ago when our daughter started telling us when she had to poop. (ASL is our primary language at home, so she has lots of communication for her age.) Three days ago we started going diaper-free at home, using cotton training pants. She seems to be more aware in those than when she is naked. So far we have caught every single poop and all of her infrequency-of-pooping issues have gone away. She seems...
  Hey, thanks for the input! :) We had a semi last minute name change since we are announcing it at my shower this weekend. Instead of Ellis Annely we ended up with Mila Annely. Hard to get used to after all those months of calling her Ellis to myself, but I have a feeling Mila is going to be a better match for her personality. Gut instinct.   I love the due date crashing! Have you picked a name? I look at this MDC board very rarely anymore since I'm usually on our FB...
Yes! This is the one I've used, seems pretty complete and has space to add whatever else you'd like.  http://www.childbirth.org/interactive/ibirthplan.html   Also, cameragirl just posted this one over on the FB group: http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/free-birth-plan    
I had the Gemini on my registry, then found the Butterfly II for $80 on Cyber Monday so now it is in the mail headed towards my house! :) I like the inner panel too. Can't wait to use it!
Jillian, I saw this super easy, cute blankie on Pinterest. Maybe something DD could help you with? http://nebraskaviews.blogspot.com/2011/09/easy-no-sew-fleece-blanket-edging.html
Agreed! More people need to post, so I'm not hanging out by my lonesome. :) C'mon ladies!    
Third trimester here we come!
The group was set up as a "surrogate" FB group before any of us had announced our pregnancies, so it was super secret. Far as I know no trace of the group will ever show up in any of your info. Good thing too since, as MamaThomas said, it is the TMI center of the universe of there. ;)    
First of all, welcome again! Just wanted to let you know that we have a FB group that is often busier than this MDC page is, due to the sloooooow page loads at MDC. Feel free to come join us! Search for "MDC Mamas March 2012". Hope to see you there!
OMG that is adorable!!    
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