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Missoula MT. I love it there. Lots of crunchy folks. I am from the midwest and living in Missoula for 7 years changed my mind about a lot of things in life. I guess you could say i became a little crunchy myself :)  
I was just about to post this same question. I am Deer Lodge and planning a UC due any day now. Curious about the hassle. I know MT is good about home birth with a midwife but never had a UC before.
I am in Deer Lodge and we homeschool. I have 2 boys. 8 and 5. One on the way here about 3 weeks.
I am due around the middle of Sep. We live in Deer Lodge MT, and i have been looking for a birth pool. I was wondering if anyone has one for sale. I would like a La Bassine or something like it. If i have to i will get a kiddie pool but its not my first choice.
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