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If you liked him pouring water, you might like this link: http://www.racheous.com/kids-activities/montessori-toddler/ Pouring can be a Montessori activity. I used a small bowl and put it on a plate them gave my kids with a small pitcher of Cheerios and other snacks and they would pour in their bowl.
Thank you much! Can you do me huge favor and google 'mat brown all within the circle of Willis' and see if that crosses the bar for you? This is what is causing the mental schism. Thanks for the help
I should start by saying, I'm not a prude. But that seems irrelevant. However, nudity is not a concern in our house...sexuality is discussed without shame ('where do I come from', how are babies made, we call body parts what they are...so on). We do try to shield them strong images of sex & violence as it might have a negative impact on their development, self esteem, and perceptions of body & sexuality and so on. So we dont really watch gum ads...if you know what i...
I can do vt or nh whichever you need more! Now are these blank or are writing a quick message?
I can do vt or nh whichever you need more! Now are these blank or are writing a quick message?
I wanted a list for me and thought I'd share...it is just a condensed version of this post. Many have reviews so you may want to hunt and find the post. I tried to make note of religious affiliation and such. If I get bored, I will try to condense the list and categorize by homeschooled vs orphaned or not in school or school not mention as I'm interested in books where they are actually homeschooled. I may also put it by age at some point for us...Thanks...sorry for...
I'm going to throw in some energy burners because after the third storm in two weeks finger painting is just not cutting it in my house. If you have a stairwell, take a large flatten (you need it two thicknesses so don't open it up) and duck tape it to the stairs...pile every cushion and pillow and maybe stuffed animals down at the bottom and presto slide. I used one of the flap side to go up under the railing so legs wouldn't get stuck in the spindles. The duck tape...
Oh...and little bear, right? He's homeschooled...right?
I have been trying to expand my list...thank you. I will enthusiastically add Eloise. Some oppose her bratty behavior but it has not been a problem in our house. I find it tough because many books don't differentiate between orphan, abandoned, and homeschooled. And so books like Nims island (I think) & boxcar children are on their own as opposed to lovingly homeschooled. My three year old pointed it out adding, "that's not the same thing, right?" Since then I try to be...
With this thread in mind, I did a google search... Pink was once a boys color... http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/2831/was-pink-originally-the-color-for-boys-and-blue-for-girls My son likes to wear skirts..kilt
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