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Bauchner in Norwich is pediatric dentist. I think he avoids mercury. He is not a family dentist but I'm happy with him.
I have one in kinder and 1 in preschool. For me the biggest hurdle in deciding to homeschool was the panicked thought, "how am I going to teach trig & chemistry?!" Then it hit me...oh wait...I only have to worry about teaching this year. I am teaching my kids how to teach themselves. We are starting with building intrinsic desires to learn...whatever. You can get a curriculum...I don't. Socialization...in VT a Homeschooler can take up to 40% in the school and still be...
We went to Plimoth plantation last Friday. (Yippee free) (did you know one of the reasons the Wampanoag taught the pilgrims to hunt was because their livestock smelled so horrible and was causing rodent and insect problems? They also thought it was cruel to cage an animal for slaughter?) We start pirates (golden age of pirates) which will go about a month. Will end with a trip to the pirate museum in Salam MA. We are also doing the Big Bang to early man over the course...
Ugh! Yea...at dhmc I had an obgyn tell me (while I was pregnant with my daughter) that there was no way I could be pregnant because I was breast feeding my then toddler. She told me I had to go on progesterone to force my period! I went in to get blood work to confirm the pregnancy...she refused to order it. So I get it! I'm glad you got a recommendation.
Is the hospital in ascutney hospital too far? I've heard they are good. If you like I can ask my friend who she uses. There are Many who love DHMC. I am NOT one of them. I'm on the other side of the valley...about an hour north...so I'm useless but... Also uppervalleyparents has a yahoo group. They might help. Good luck. M
If I have to get rid of ammonia build up, I do a second soak after baking soda. I find this works best across the board. Helps get rid of stains and rinses out. Also, if I wash and they still smell, I will do an extra rinse in peroxide with a clear rinse after. I find this more effective and not as harsh on the fabric than oxyclean.
I have. It's okay but liquid hydrogen peroxide is better...IMHO .
I'm not a minimalist. I need quite a bit ^_^ I am noticing the older mine get, the less they need... Much of this stuff is lifestyle based...I am unschool-y (not fully there, don't think I'll ever be and I'm ok with that) and our house values responsibility and independence. This is a silly list...but it really is the stuff I Need to be the homeschool mom I want to be...I homeschool little ones so here is my list of must haves: A tarp that covers the floor of our...
Thanks. I called and spoke to her for about half an hour. That was what prompted the question. She said many things, including 4-6 writing samples and spent most of time trying to get me to wait a year. She was nice. Thank you, daffodil.
My son is 5. I am registering him early as a Homeschooler so he can take gym at the Elementary school. The state of Vermont requires that I have penmanship goals in his plan. He is reading at a second grade level. My son hates writing. He doesn't draw, color, paint he avoids playing with Play-Doh and if he does it's only for about five minutes. He also avoids cutting with scissors. He avoids most fine motor tasks. . No one in his life including his pediatrician feels...
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