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Awh! How sweet! I think the pictures look great, especially since they were taken by an 8 year old! Thanks for sharing! 
Do you live in mass? Or can you buy it while living in anothet state?
$6,000 is a lot of money, but I don't think it's A LOT of money. KWIM? I think that you could easily make that doing odd jobs. If you have a niche for crafting you can make and sell stuff. You can make more than that babysitting, putting your daughter in public school (assuming you pay for private), cut out meals out to eat, or cut the entertainment fund. Now if this isn't possible at all, then maybe you should move. But I wouldn't leave a place that I LOVE before I cut...
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About 84 months here. Sometimes we still do, but not as as much as i would like.
Hey ladies! I have a few questions for you mamas living in Massachusetts. My partner and I are thinking about moving to Mass from Fl for a few reasons. Their infertility coverage being one of them. I know this is a broad questions, but does anyone have any information on how it works up there? Where to start looking into info or who to contact? All of the info I have found is outdated and coming from straight couples. (I only say that because sometimes infertility isn't...
I moved this post to the "Im pregnant" forum.  
So, I need so ideas on how to keep our cat out of the Christmas tree. We use a fake one and last year we would come home and find kitties in the tree and/or our tree deformed. We ended up putting the tree in our bedroom which isn't very Christmas-y. We are putting it up tomorrow and I would like to try the living room again, but would also like to keep my cats out of it. 
My Dp and I are wanting to do the same thing. There is a blog/group I found about it called Mr. Money Moustache, if you google it I'm sure you can find it. Tons of helpful information over there.
Its an Android.
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