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I went through something similar to this. I used to play roller derby, it was something I loved to do. For the last year and a half or so it just seemed forced. I continued to go because I didn't want to regret it. When I finally quit I felt such relief. Not having to make that decision anymore or whether or not I wanted to do it was so liberating. I went through a few weeks of missing it, but in the end I'm glad I am done with that chapter in my life.   The way I...
Boo. I just started my period.
  It's such a simple question, but so hard to answer! I am interested in theatre, music, and midwifery. I'm best at planning and researching things. I really enjoy researching a new idea and figuring out what needs to be done to make it happen. I've had a few failed semesters due to being lazy so I am suppose to be taking general classes like English and math this upcoming semester.    I was thinking about doing something like arts administration or web administrator (idk...
For us college isn't about the "experience." We aren't going to find ourselves and make friends. We have two girls to raise and bills to pay. For us our thinking is "if I have a degree I can make more money." But last night when I was running the numbers, as it stands right now we are at about 20,000 in student loan debt. Theoretically, if we continue the way we have been we will be close to $100,000 combined debt for a bachelors degree! Also, for us we are wanting to...
Dp and I were talking and I got to wondering. How many of you that have college degrees think it was worth it? I know several people with BS degrees that are working in completely unrelated fields and their degree has done nothing for them. We were talking about would the student loans be worth it in the end or should we figure out another way some how. Based off of your experiences, what do you think?
It depends on where you see it. If it's a non-profit thing, then it means that "we legally can't sent a set price to charge you." That's how it was for the non-profit I was involved in. We would do car washes and have a "$5 suggested donation" since we couldn't require they pay. But it usually worked in our favor because they would donate more than suggested. Maybe contacting the event beforehand and asking would help?
Nothing exciting to report here. No AF yet, but no positive either. I had a werid occurance on 9 dpo, though. I peed on a smiley opk and got a positive on that, but haven't since then. So I'm assuming it was some weird fluke. I'm holding out hope, but all the "symptoms" I've had in the first week are totally gone.
I don't think its crazy at all! I think it's great that you want to relactate. I think though that the poor response before might have been due to the pump. When I was breastfeeding my daughter I could hardly get anything via the pump. Are you interested in him latching on? There are SNS systems that would allow him to suckle on you to stimulate milk production. What kind of pump are you looking into getting?
You could be pregnant, but 4 days before ovulation is pushing it to the limit IMO. Remember though that sometimes you have all the symptoms and it be nothing or you could have no symptoms and it be something. I hope that you get the answer you're looking for in the morning!
  Hi there! Welcome to MDC! I don't have experience with tandem nursing so I can't speak from experience, but hopefully some other mamas that do will chime in and let you know!
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