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I'm thinking a chiro might be something worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion.
I had PROM. For me I didn't have anything - no contractions nothing - for like 24 hours. Only with acupuncture, walking, nipple stimulation and eventually castor oil did my contractions start. DS was born 9 hours after contractions actually started. I often wonder how long I would have gone if I had not done all of the above. 
I second the bolded. I had a baby with a midwife in Santa Cruz in 2010 and the midwives I interviewed all made it clear that it was illegal for them to attend breech or twin births in California. They all were either CPMs or CNMs and we interviewed 6. I believe ours cost $4200.    As a side note -- we are pregnant again and planning a homebirth in Portland, OR. Here licensed mw's can attend breech and twin births. I was shocked by this at first b/c of what I learned the...
Just had an appt w/ my midwife yesterday and she confirmed what I thought - baby is posterior. argh! I'll be 34 weeks this Friday, so I think I still have time to get her to turn. Anyone have tips for turning a posterior baby that worked for them? 
Ditto to what all you ladies have said. I definitely can relate to feeling more ambivalent this time around than w/ my first.THough I think I'm starting to get more excited as we get closer to the birth. My mood is all over the place -- so one day I'll feel like "yay! I'm excited" and the next I'll feel sad about my relationship with DS changing. 
we're stuck on names too! this is so different from last time b/c we knew right away what we were naming DS (Liam). this time we're just going back and forth between 2 names. one is more unusual and the other is more common. we like both a lot but different aspects of the names. i think we're leaning toward the more unique name as a result of finding out DS's name is super common... but who knows! we go back and forth so much!
  That's a great idea! I would think that would take the pressure off of you a little bit. That way you can maybe say - hey, here are all the books and resources I've read, why don't you read some of them. Because really if they haven't done any reading and or research -- they're just spouting off and I would tell them that.    I'm sorry you're having to deal with this too. Its no fun at all. 
It looks like I'm in the minority - I did not have a doula at my first HB and I'm not planning on having one at my second birth this June (also a planned HB). DUring my first birth I really didn't need or want a lot of interaction with anyone and I imagine I'll feel the same way this next time around (though I could be wrong). When I needed emotional support my MW  stepped in and provided me the encouragement I needed during transition - but other than that I really just...
    Wow! That's a horrible story. I'm sorry you had that experience. 
Yes!! Mine definitely comes in spurts though. One day I'll have tons of energy and will get a ton done on my list and the next I just feel pooped. With my DS my nesting instinct didn't happen until a few days before I gave birth. This time its way earlier as it started at 31 weeks
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