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Katie your belly shots are BEAUTIFUL! I love the lighting and everything. I especially like the second one down. You look amazing :) Your pics make me want to get someone to do this for me.
Totally agree. I'm thinking the same thing now.    
I've been following this thread for quite awhile... And I have to say that never have I wished more for a thumbs down sign than when reading some of your posts Holly, not just the one below. You come across as very pompous. I would never choose a hcp with your attitude: OB, CNM, CPM or whatever.  Maybe you don't realize it but you have a "holier-than-thou" air that comes across your posts and makes you seem like a "know-it-all" that can't consider things from another...
  This made me laugh! Especially with the little avatars. Thanks Broody - you brightened my day. 
Thank you for the update. I hope this gets resolved soon! 
Thanks for looking into this. I never received a response to my gmail account and I check it all the time. No - I'm not a member of that DDC. It was just an example. I am subscribed to a homebirth thread in the May DDC though, so I don't think that's the issue. Unfortunately I was having the issue forum-wide (e.g., vaccination section, etc.) - not just the May DDC. I am a member of the June DDC and was not able to subscribe to a few threads in there (the latest - i.e....
Thanks for the response and passing this along. 
Hi there Mothering Admin,   I know this is not the correct place to post BUT I am not getting through via the "correct places" ....   I am having a VERY difficult time getting help on this site. I've attempted contacting the site admin via email (no response), tried to post to the help/suggestion section (got the message I need "administrator access" to post there) --- but its not working for one reason or another. Hopefully I can post and get some help...
  What is broken: Briefly describe the problem you're having or the bug you're seeing.   Where was I (include URL)?: Tell us where you were on the site - viewing a forum thread, reading a PM, performing a search, editing your profile...   Browser Version/Operating System: Visit http://whatsmyuseragent.com/ and copy/paste the results here.   How many times? (Number of times you saw this problem, ex: only once, several times, intermittent?)   Date? (when...
I am having major difficulties subscribing to threads lately. At first it was only intermittently, but now it seems to be a constant problem. Is this an issue others are having? or just me? Is there anything I can do on my end to resolve this? I've already tried logging in and out to resolve the issue and unfortunately it didn't help.   Thanks
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