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    Okay - I haven't read the entire thread (so I'm not sure if it's been addressed further up), but I have a question about this 5-point safety harness I've been hearing people talk about: Is this provided by the airline or is this you bringing your own carseat?    We are about to take a flight with 2 yr old DS and it was my understanding that not all airlines are super friendly about passengers bringing their own carseats for use on the plane (I did a quick google...
Wow!!! What a surprise -  congratulations!!! I'm so glad to hear she's doing well in the NICU and I'm sending good thoughts to you and your new little girl. Especially to her getting home healthy and happy. 
    I completely disagree. While it's not always easy - it's not impossible. I would know. 
We seem to be a hair away from being done! I'm actually really surprised b/c I thought DS (who will be 2 March 13th) would not be ready to wean, but he really seems to be fine with it. My milk is gone and has been for 8 weeks or so. Now he only wants to do it when he sees me undress and even then he only goes on for a suck or two from each breast. I've always been completely open to what he wanted, and kind of thought it would be fun to tandem nurse. I never pushed him...
     are you for real? come on now... 
Let's do it!  I'm feeling pretty hopeful about this! Yay!!
happy v-day to everyone! we finally found our midwife and our meeting her for our first prenatal today. yay!!!
thanks for sharing your sources ladies! i needed a thread like this - not many of my underwear are fitting me right now. 
becoming - you and i are at exactly the same weight gain & weight right now. i'm right there with you on the goal of gaining 16.5 pounds from this point out. i'll be thrilled if that's all i gain! do you think it's doable for you to only gain 16.5 pounds from here out? i can't remember exactly at what point i gained most of my weight the last time, but i think it was in my second trimester. Nicole - you seem like  you are in no danger of gaining 50 lbs. 7lbs up to this...
Thanks for hearing me Nicole. I just had a knee jerk reaction to the scale yesterday and needed somewhere safe to vent. It probably didn't help that my MIL was in town and not once did she say I look nice/good and then volunteered in each of her pregnancies she gained 23 lbs and 27 lbs respectively. There was some other stuff too - but I'm probably being a bit sensitive about it too since I feel so insecure on the issue. 
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