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thanks for the links! that's interesting stuff. i think its the best explanation i've heard for what's been going on with me.    yes, according to kellymom and the dr. prednisone is okay to use while breastfeeding. i was super hesitant to use it, but did b/c my hives were unbearable -- i couldn't stop scratching myself to the point that it was debilitating for all other aspects of my life. i was on it for a week - but i'm off now. it did help, but its not something i...
that's what i ended up doing. i didn't like "starting all over" again, but i'm happy i did now.
omg! I can't believe someone else is experiencing this too. though i haven't had the dry skin, I have been having chronic hives since the birth of DD. they have been so bad that i had to see an allergist who put me on prednisone and an elimination diet. after the birth of DS i had eczema which only went away when i was pregnant with DD. so now it hasn't exactly come back - but now i just have raging hives all over my body and especially my face. i am pretty desperate to...
     You succeeded! Good job! I'm sorry you had to go through such difficult hoops to get there --- and such terrible treatment.  I am really appalled at how you were treated. Its amazing that you were able to persevere through all that to accomplish your VBAC. You are amazing! 
I love those first new smiles! DD smiled at me just yesterday and she'll be a month in a couple days. Time is flying by! 
nak. our little girl sleeps a lot! she is only awake to feed and then she dozes off again. she is 2 weeks old. this is so different from DS1! i keep wondering when its going to flip around... but i guess i better just enjoy it. as a side note she grunts a lot at night - this is whether she is in the co-sleeper oor bed with us. the one place she doesn't seem to grunt so much is in the swing. im thinking we might try the swing at night. the grunting really keeps me up!
I'm so sorry MamaRuga. What a horrible thing you have to deal with right now. The timing couldn't be worse. Broody gave some good advice - esp the parts about the responsibility he has for his children.  You will find the strength to deal with this (even though the timing couldn't be worse). From everything I've read in your previous threads you sound like a really strong and capable person. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
Congrats! It sounds like a wonderful birth - and I love the pic you posted. Your baby is beautiful!
Congratulations! What a big beautiful boy! 
Yay! Congratulations!! So happy for you. YOu made it! 
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