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Liam and Daddy at 3 weeks old
Congratulations swelldoula! She looks sooo cute!!!
Congrats baby Mila and Enso!  This is so exciting. One of my favorite things lately is looking on this board to see what new little ones have arrived.    Countrymouse -- you almost gave birth on your due date :) 
We live in 1870 sq ft home (including a finished basement) with a garage and a good size backyard. We are 2 adults, 1 2yo and a new one due any day. I think its a good size for us. Hosting big indoor play dates is a bit of a challenge b/c of the layout of the main level. BUt on nice days we have a great backyard for having large groups of people. I agree with a pp --- having a yard and a garage / attic storage can do a lot to make a place feel less cramped (or more...
Congratulations Alice! That's wonderful news - welcome to the world Daniel! That does sound like a nice smooth birth. 
I'm now 39 w 1 d --- and feel like I'm getting close now. I was checked last Tuesday and am 2 cm and 80% effaced. With DS I had him by 39w 3d. Who else is getting close to or past their due date? Is anyone doing anything to move things along? I have been doing acupuncture, evening primrose oil and will start black and blue cohosh once I get to 40 weeks. 
I think it does matter what the majority of members think. That is Mothering's advertising base. and believe me - advertisers want to know who the user base is. I've worked in online advertising for many years which is how I know this. Advertisers are the dollars that now fuel this machine I'm sure --- and advertisers really don't care so much about what a person thinks as much as they do the users. 
Congratulations! So glad it all worked out and that everyone is doing well. Welcome little baby Joel! 
Congratulations! Welcome little Greyson!
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