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To prevent clinking together in my bag, I simply put each bottle in a sock
Congratulations! I'm a veteran LA user, too. We always wash in soapy water, rinse, soak in dilute vinegar to sterilize (I think the instructions said you can boil, too, but what a pain!) rinse again, and then go. I know it's a lot, and that's part of the reason that we have 6 LAs! The best tip I can think of is to make sure you rinse the tube right away, as soon as you can manage it. They seem to get cleaner that way. And have a station already set up with your...
Thanks everybody! Things seem to be going much better after the first 24 hours. He'll fuss just a little, then latch happily enough and nurse for a while. I guess it's that first bit (even with a third child) that gets me all worried if something doesn't go just as I expected. I'm so glad that Mothering is here and there are such wise mamas to help!
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