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I started exercising more after I m/c in July and have kept going since then, though I have slacked a bit in the last week or two. Treadmill, Walk Away the Pounds DVD, and I want to get back into yoga (BirthFree, did you modify your ashtanga practice much while you were pg before?) b/c I was fitter while yoga-ing than at any other time in my life!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cardinal I am an insomniac. Anyone else? I was up for over two hours last night--from 2ish to 4 ish. Then DS wants to put his feet all over me while he sleeps : I'm tired. Chamomile won't help. I feel you. (No help about the cats, but I agree that you should have a free pass as to changing the litter.)
Quote: Originally Posted by klink2 I just saw the cutest free pattern for booties. Anyone want to knit along? I'm game, anybody else? Looked it up, the Cashcotton is a DK weight, so it should be a (really) quick knit. And TOTALLY adorable.
Mine haven't been sore at all either. And they weren't for my last 2 pregnancies either. Totally normal--don't worry!
Lots and lots of CM is one of my biggest "symptoms." And it continued for me up until I birthed.
I am so so sorry. Wishing you peace in your journey.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chic_Mama these super moms who keep their homes spotless and everything is so organized! I aspire to be like them and I only have 1 (and a 1/2)! Whos with me!? Maybe to make you feel better, I bet these "zillions of kids" moms have helpers come over and clean (like church members, family members, etc.) I only aspire to keeping my home to a point where I don't feel like everything smells, although my preg. nose...
I feel you--when this happens to me, I say that the hormones have "staged a rally" Now get some rest!
While I was waiting to get my hair cut, it was all I could do NOT to run down to Dollar Tree. Believe me, I'd be POASing if I had 'em.
New Posts  All Forums: