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Quote: Originally Posted by Madds5 Ds came in to me this morning (to the room where I've banished myself since from the family bed because I don't want anyone touching me in the night) saying "Mummy, poo poo." Oh, good morning! Yargh! UGH. DS does this, too (although he doesn't SAY it, but brings a fresh diaper to me.) And when I tell him to "go get Daddy," I hear a little "no." What, do I change poopy diapers better than Daddy? Maybe...
Sara larastheme 6/21/08 hopefully another homebirth waterbirth Baby #3 Haven't decided if we're doing ultrasounds, let alone finding out gender
FWIW, I never did get a "pregnant" with a digital test. And they're both upstairs napping
Right now my craft activities are directed mostly towards Halloween costumes--we have a party to go to on Friday and I need to dress DS as a lion (and I don't even know WHY, really, he's going to be a lion! I think because DD said so) Next are the beginnings of Christmas things. Mostly little socks for my nieces and nephew. And I bought a bunch of sock yarn the other day. WHY do I do this to myself? (I love knitting socks, now that I've tried)
Quote: Originally Posted by cody'smomma I had an mc three months before I got pg with my son. So this time I am def. holding my breath and trying not to get too into this. But I think it may be too late!! I'm already obsessing and reading every pg book I can get my hands on. PLus the timing for this one would be ideal. I don't really want to wait any longer. But I know that this is not in my hands. Everytime I go to the bathroom, I am nervous about...
Expected, or rather, hoped for here. It's our first cycle of trying after a miscarriage. Would have been due in Jan, but I'll take June if that's what I can get.
Yay! THREE of us "princesses"!
Hi! Can I come in? I'm Sara and I have two lively and lovely children, Larisa who's almost 3 1/2, and Ethan who's almost 2. We just found out we're expecting again, after a 13th week miscarriage in July (saw the pg after m/c thread, must look further). So, I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic about this pregnancy (although I check the tp every time I pee ). I'll be due on June 21st. And I want to knit something for the baby already (taught myself a couple of...
I've been led to understand that using coconut oil is great for the skin (but I've never tried it myself)
I *think* it's by Natural by Nature, but I'm not certain. I saw it recently in our local HFS (Kimberton, don't know where you are in PA) but didn't look too hard.
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