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Quote: Originally Posted by Mumof3Nic when she sang the Kentuky Fried Chicken song.. it went like this: "F*cky Fried Chicken, We do CHICKEN right!". We all thought it was hysterical. OMG! This brings back memories of our family--one of us called it "Frucky Fried Chicken"! (Might have been me ) And it's something that was talked about for YEARS (now that we all have little ones, maybe it will be again.) My own DD, when referring to a dog...
: My DD is having issues of the same sort, so I'll be watching for other replies. We're only just getting started on the NT road.
Quote: Originally Posted by puppeteermom And I read that part about quinoa, too. I'm going to be doing oatmeal, quinoa plus lots o' good protein, veggies, etc... But this time I'm not going to count on a supply. Boy was I blindsided last time! We'll see; I hear that with second babies sometimes there can be a production increase. I went through the same thing myself, and wanted to give you and say that you are amazing for doing all the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artist Mama My toddler is pushing her limits daily (as toddlers are wont to do). As I type this she keeps sticking her toes in her brothers face and tapping her feet on his head. He doesn't like it and keeps crying. I am so sick of telling her to stop. She doesn't listen unless I yell. I really need to read up more on gentle discipline. Sometime. My first post on this forum This is ME....
www.heartfelted.com is an MDC mama's endeavor. It's got cuuuute woolen balls for toys.
I just planted my bush beans at 9 plants/sq ft. HTH!
I've been casually ECing DS for about 3 months now, and I have to tell you, I notice no pee cues EVER. The only times I catch a pee are after he wakes up, or after he's eaten. I have been keeping him diaperless more often now, despite the poop-on-the-floor episode recently. When, oh when, will I notice cues? When, oh when, will it get easier?? I guess I'm having an off day. Did it take a long time to notice pee cues? Poops for us are not too difficult to get--DS is...
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