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What about your basic http://www.diaperfreebaby.org ?
Okay, a quick search unearthed these facts (but I haven't taken a lot of time with this, I just thought that it was time there was some sort of answer) http://members.tripod.com/uakari/chi...albinasus.html (check under Reproduction) and http://www.wildlifecampus.com/Course...ndFree/769.pdf page 8 under Activity Anybody else have any info? I wonder what those lowland gorillas do?
Enjoy every minute of it!
Wanted to add that even if you do nothing, you should have more milk than the first time. Don't get me wrong--it may only be minimallly more (as in my case) and not enough to ebf. I second the suggestion for the Lact-Aid. Keep that baby at the breast! Best of luck.
Gah! I thought I was going to make 50!
One more post...
I want to know too! Subbing...
I wish I had a suggestion for you, but I wanted to post to tell you that we're in the same boat. DS spits up a lot when I hold him over the sink--and not just for pooping, but for peeing, too. My guess is that it's pressure on their tummies from holding them that way. If that's the case, I guess using a potty might be better? Please chime in if you have an answer! In the meantime, know that you aren't alone.
Love this thread--do you people use the same questions when throwing things away that you already have that you do when buying something new? My biggest problem is that I remember where I get everything--so practically everything has a sentimental attachment/guilt associated with it.
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