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Thank you, Thant is very helpful!  Laura
Oh thanks, this is most helpful to see that there is a norm for not separating baby and mom or dad.  I know I have to be separated for the hearing est.  I was told we can accompany him to the nursery for the other tests, but I need to clarify if I can be with him, or behind glass for this as well.
Hi, I was planning a home birth, but now need to have a hospital birth due to gestational diabetes, which I am controlling by diet.    I went to my hospital tour and am concerned about being separated from my baby for the hearing test, and the Jaundice and metabolic tests.  Also there is a chance that my baby may be whisked away from me if he has low blood sugar.  I do want to make sure he is healthy and well, so if their is an emergency I will comply. However,  I truly...
I am looking for a good Pediatrician.  Do you have suggestions in the Lynchburg area?  What questions should I be asking to find a good one?  Thanks!  GracensMom
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