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My DD also started losing her hair around 2 1/2 months, and we joke that she has male pattern baldness because so far she's only lost it on top! My hair started falling out like crazy about a week ago (3 months PP), but hopefully it won't follow the same pattern! I think we have pre-teething going on over here. One day my totally chill baby started being fussy. And the drool, oh the drool! She always has her hands in her mouth in general, but now she seems to be chewing...
We actually tried for the first time last night and DD is 3 1/2 months. I was on bed rest and vaginal rest from 29 weeks on, so it's been since January for us. I haven't been interested at all, although it's not the touching part, 'cause I still like to cuddle. Anyway, last night I figured I would just go with it, hoping I would get in the mood...nuthin'. And it was relatively uncomfortable. I couldn't care less @ this point, but my poor hubby. At least he's being very...
Eliza, both before she latches on and when she pulls off and is falling asleep, will gently hold onto my nipple with her hand. So cute!!
Oh no! I managed to get rid of my second bout with Belladona, lots of Vit D, lots of Vit C & rest. Hope you kick it quickly!
Probiotics for sure! I just use the powder I take, dip my wet finger in it and let her suck it off my finger right before I feed her.
I ate a whole package of cookies in 24 hours. Not good!
I would also be on the lookout for any signs of yeast - we thought DD just had diaper rash and a few days later we discovered we both had yeast. Watch for bright red bumps instead of the all over redness. I sincerely hope it's just diaper rash!
I usually wake her up after about 5 hours. At that point she is starting to stir anyway, and I figure since I'm up, we might as well nurse. I do change her before she eats, but the last week or so she hasn't been peeing hardly at all at night, but I still feel better if I give her a fresh diaper. Then we nurse and she falls right back to sleep. My LC said to not let it go much past that, and that way I don't end up completely engorged. As it is, I've been hand expressing...
I was 133 pre-preg, wearing a size 4, and I'm 5'9".What is this C25K?
We are also having issues with belly/gas pains. She usually scrunches up and grunts about halfway through a feeding, then again at the end. She doesn't usually cry, but she does grunt a lot. I also don't know if it's fast let down (she pulls off sometimes because it's so fast), reflux, thrush or the Nystatin, though she was doing this before we started the meds. I've been giving her Hyland's Colic Tablets, since it says they're not just for colic per se, they're for any...
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