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Thank you!! This has helped me out tremendously, glad to know that it's not all my fault and that he's not the only one going through this!  I'm going to talk with him about the Anger Mountain, I think it'll help and maybe we can find something that he can do!   I have an appt with an anger management counselor once he comes back. I feel alot better, I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but I'm hesitant because we've been through this stage before.
When my husband is home he does most of the discipline. But he hasn't been home in over 6 weeks, he had a talk with him on the phone tonight and that seems it did the trick I'm just hoping that this nice behavior sticks around. Last night DSS told me he gets so angry he just wants to punch me sometimes and thats something a 6 yo shouldn't say to anyone! Since we found out about an upcoming deployment my husband has been giving more of the disciplinary role because I'll...
I'm new to this forum, and could use some guidance. I'm a 22 yo army wife and mom  to 2 boys ( my DSS is 6 and my DS is 1). I have known my DSS since he was 2 and we have custody of him. Before my DH and I got married my DSS lived with his mom but spent most of his time at his Grandma's (MIL) because his mom was "too busy" as she put it! She had 7 boyfriends in a one month span and DSS was horrified at the thought of even going to stay at her house. He'd come stay at...
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