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My mom was quite clear (and repetitive, particularly in her ranting phone call to DH at work) that I am disturbed and perverted and on the verge of molesting my own children. I seriously didn't see it coming. The woman has had gay friends for decades. But now I'm a child predator. It has been pretty bad. Fortunately she lives THOUSANDS of miles away. Also fortunately, I have been direct with DH as I have undergone the most radical change of my life the last two...
On the one hand, not a clue. OTOH, if Klein is right they have a ten percent chance of being straight, so we'll see. I have wondered if one of the girls might be a man later. If she turns out really femme she's gonna kill me for thinking that about her as a kid.
Ask how frequently oil changes were done. If more than every 5000 miles you've got problems. Ask about coolant changes, condition of belts, condition of engine. Ask about the major 90,000 servicing. Was it done? Timing belt if any, several other things have to be done at 90,000. Was the work done or did they just drive it another six months and then trade it in? Presume they are high-balling you between 2500 and 5000 because you're a woman. Can your DH or another...
One. Or twelve. Some days it's hard to tell.
Two and a half years. OP: two and a half weeks? Yipes!
I wish for a transporter every. single. morning. Seriously. Beam the kids straight to the play-doh table at preschool. Then beam me straight to my office.
I'm a mama of four year old twin daughters who like to be together. I'd be delighted if they grew up as attached as you two. Sending hugs. You'll find your way in this new situation, and your bond will always be there. Truly.
Mine napped on the nursing pillow for thirteen months until I FINALLY figured out how to nurse them both while we were all lying down, then they nursed and napped lying down until they stopped nursing at 3+. So - I'm no help. But just so ya know you're not alone... Hugs.
I know we are not on the GD forum, but I'm going to suggest that perhaps there are ways to look at how we raise our children other than the rewards/consequences rubric that seems to be promoted in this thread. It is possible to regard our children as beings who are NOT inherently out to manipulate, seek payoffs, or (should we raise them without consequences) become monsters-in-the-making. It is possible, for example, to regard our parenting as an exercise in mutual...
My girls don't generally want to go out at the same time, in the same way, for the same things, either. They are four years and 2 months. It is not uncommon around here for one or the other (or both for different reasons) to express her displeasure or ambivalence (frequently also about shoes!) in no uncertain terms. I, too, would be concerned at anyone who informed me that this behavior seemed like two year old behavior. It is rare that my forty-mumble-mumble DH and I...
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