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Quote: Originally Posted by jocelyndale Could you buy an atomizer and put the HFS stuff in it? She might like that. That's a really cool idea too! Except we're all hooked on those spritzers now... going to have a hard time limiting ourselves!
Quote: Originally Posted by normajean My friend makes these...scroll down to the body spritz. It's something like B&BW body sprays. The one I have right now is Black Raspberry and it has filtered water, glycerin, essential oil, & rubbing alcohol in it. It smells really good, but not overly perfumey and it softens your skin at the same time. I let my 3 yo wear it sometimes. http://www.tristipinkston.com/scentiments.htm Oh that looks...
If you know, please pm me. If you do not, please do not ask. Thank you.
I have a four year old daughter who is obsessed with the idea of having her own perfume. I bought her some roll-on scent from Aura Cacia at the HFS, but she wants something like what she sees in the testers at Macys. Like, the $100.00 per ounce stuff. Ideas? Help out a mama please - I seem to have brought to shopping-loving girls into the world and there is nothing, and I mean nothing, other than major surgery, that I hate more. Help!
Quote: Originally Posted by crwilson Blech only because there are way too few jobs for way too many people right now (English)! Ah, sad but true in music as well. Fortunately I like part time. Holding a good thought for ya...
Quote: Originally Posted by crwilson Just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I'm a new Ph.D. grad & a VAP at a small school. I'll be on the job market next year (in the humanities - blech), but dp has a tenure-track job where we are right now, so I don't know how all that will play out. I try not to think about it too much as it adds incredible amounts of stress to my daily like. I'm trying to focus on teaching and getting a few more pieces out for...
Hiya! I'm a lecturer in music and going back next week for my second semester back after four years off! I'll be eager to see how this thread goes, the other one got looooong. Thanks for starting a new one! I'll be teaching a music fundamentals class, conducting one choir, and assisting with a large choir/orchestra. I also coordinate all the applied music for the university, and I'll be teaching several voice students. I also maintain a small but active private...
This all sounds about right... lol Today my girls got into the fridge and got out all the grated cheese and piled it on top of their mermaid figurines - it was the seaweed! Fortunately, now that they are four they want to also clean up. They don't do it well, but they get it started before running off to tear up, err be creative, with some other part of the house.
Hope all goes well at your appointment. Agree with the recs from Barbara Luke and Elisabeth Noble. Basically, ya just gotta slow down. You're growing two whole beings. Plus keeping yourself going. Comparing a multiple pregnancy to a singleton pregnancy is going to freak you out. You're gonna be tired, and hungry. : Hugs. It's gonna be OK.
Quote: Originally Posted by ExuberantDaffodil I totally dig this doll http://www.feralcheryl.com.au/ And OF COURSE she is out of production. Really, I couldn't have her in my house. Can you say crush?
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