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Thanks to all for the suggestions! Quote: Originally Posted by Kabes If you decide you like Groovy Girls PM me. My DD doesn't want hers anymore. PMing you now.
I'm not sure where to put this so mods please move as needed, thanks. I'm looking for some Barbie-type dolls for my two four-year old girls. I don't really want Barbies pe se, but something of that type (not a baby doll, not a stuffed animal, not a Waldorf type doll, not four thousand gajillion dollars ) that's well put together and reasonably proportioned. Ideas? Thanks in advance!
Interesting thread. I was pg with twins. Hard to ignore. LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by MPJJJ I've done the *look eagerly fascinated* and ended up just looking psychotic, LOL. Add to it my overuse of "Great!"... "That's awesome!"... "how amazing is that?"... and I end up looking 2 fries short of a happy meal, LOL. My people skills suck! :LOL Try taking it down notch then. Really, it's easier to take away than to add, whether you're talking about enthusiasm or anything else... You're absolutely...
Well just so ya know, I lurv ya already darlin! People love to talk about themselves. They will find you fascinating if you find them fascinating. Hi, I'm MPJJJ! Do you come here often? Really, I love it here too! I try to see the orchestra play as often as I can! What's your favorite instrument? Really? Fantastic! I've always had fantasies about playing cello myself! Oh really, you always wanted to be a conductor? Do tell! (Look eagerly...
Quote: Originally Posted by hanno he just pulled in, thanks everyone I don't know whether to kiss him or kick him. Oh yeah! A restful night to you all.
Quote: Originally Posted by hanno My husband's an hour and half late home from work. I have a really bad cold, the baby's getting over his cold and I'm really weak and tired. I have no phone and he never responded to my emails. The roads are terrible and everything is covered in ice outside and I'm scared. Awww sweetie, breathe! Is there a way you can check on the status of the exact roads he's traveling? Maybe a website for your state's...
Up All Night.
Whatever time of year the insurance approved the IVF.
Quote: Originally Posted by skyastara Believe it or not, it is NOT necessary to sacrifice one child's time/happiness/attention in order to attend to another. I agree that people should not be feeling bullied into fitting into some mold. But don't say it is impossible, or make excuses. I did it. I did it before I even discovered the (paper) Mothering Magazine or Compleat Mother. I did it many years ago, before Internet existed and when it was...
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