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I'm frazzled just by reading this. Good luck on your final.
I can't give too much perspective, since I don't have a kid with my ex. I know your situation is pretty complicated right now and ((hugs)) for that. It might be a good idea to put your foot down, insist that your communications relate only to the care of your daughter. His pressure to leave you in the wings emotionally could be a really unhealthy control tactic. If you have been without him for a year, then you know you can live without him! Easier said than done, but...
This.    And has your stance changed for some reason, or is it just a matter of distancing yourself from the topic?
Well if it is an unpaid position, they can hardly complain about your excessive qualifications! It may come across as taking away an experience intended for someone just starting out, but if that is the case then the worst that could happen is they don't accept your application. I say it never hurts to apply. Good luck!
  I'm a little freaked out about this right now too.    I hope this site becomes a little more accepting of people who don't go Full Crunch. Mothers shouldn't have to keep half their lives secret from the forum for fear of being shunned as a bad parent.
Oh I understand now. I don't know anything about nursing, but your GPA is so good it boggles my mind they didn't like your appeal. AAbreu's advice sounds pretty good.
Hmm I wasn't using my math brain last night. If you have 70 courses, with most 4 hours each, that means you have 280 credit hours! What degree are you trying to get? If it is a Bachelors, then wouldn't you be graduated by now? My university required 130 hours to get a BS. I graduated with about 175 hours, because I had an unrelated Associates Degree and jumped around minors a few times. I was about to bump up against my school's 180 hours cap.
That's what I thought you meant, I just wanted to be sure. I'm guessing you are at a college that does mostly 2 year degrees and only a few 4 year degrees. If so, with 70 hours you might be right to switch to a related degree at the University. Grants can actually get you pretty far, though. 
Depending on your field, and how far advanced you are in your degree, you could look into employment with your department. My undergrad institution didn't have a graduate program for my field, so Seniors with good records could get paid to TA labs or grade papers. Also look into internships that pay. Taking off one term in order to do a nice paid internship is a pretty nice break too, it is like a real job!   ETA: I'm not sure what 'units' are, does '70 units' mean...
KaylaBeanie, that sounds like a wild ride! Good of her to figure all that out for you.    In other news, I am mildly devastated that I will be able to move from my cruddy apartment (but the Indian food! and the pizza place! and the farmer's market!) to a house much nicer, cheaper, and closer to school. I'm worried about how my bird will tolerate another move so soon (6 months since our cross-country adventure). I also worry that I won't be able to keep the new...
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