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well I guess this is as good a place as any to stick my toes in the water,lol. I haven't been active on mdc in a couple of years, life just got crazy. And speaking of crazy, we are expecting our fifth in early October, we are still in shock I think,lol. And if I weren't sicker than I've ever been in my life, I probably wouldn't believe it! hahaha. My history is dd #1-13yrs old now!, born in a hospital after pitocin and an epi. They told us she was going to be HUGE...
Awww! Happy Anniversary Claire!!!!! You really do represent the best qualities of MDC.
BUMP b/c I too, would LOVE to know the answers to some of these questions...
I wonder if the type of water you have affects this at all? When i tried 7thgen, I got major build up. I LOVED the way the diapers felt, so soft, but the repelling started right away. I had to strip and start over. I have awful hard water and I wonder if they weren't getting rinsed well enough.....
Thanks busymom....can you recommend any sites that have tutorials on the different prefold folds? I used to have one bookmarked, but have managed to delete it....thank you! Are most of you using a doubler? Or just the pfold?
Are you confident that you're using enough soap?I have found that sometimes I was getting stink due to not enough soap....couple that with incredibly hard water and it's a recipe for disaster. A couple washes with SUPER hot water, a squirt of dawn, tons of rinses and then using more detergent seems to have helped....for now. LOL Good luck!
My ds outgrew the mediums pretty quick and around that time I got fed up with fb's anyway, so I just sold them off and used other things. Now that we've had some super soaker issues, I've gone back to using fb's some of the time. I like the fit of pt fb's, but I wish there was a little bit more thigh room. The large swallows him up but the pt's don't leave much growing room at all.
All I can add is that super hot water and a few squirts of dawn made a HUGE difference with some of our wicking issues....and our build up issues. I hope you get it figured out!
First, here's a hug! Kath gave you a GREAT run down on where to start. I go through this build up periodically with my fb's....it's why I abandonded them for a long time. I've come back to try again, lol. Fingers are crossed!
Hmmm, I want to feel the pfold love, I really do. I love the idea, love the look, love how fast they dry....but my kid is such a super soaker that it's just a sopping mess after 10 minutes....any suggestions for a super soaker?
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