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Aileen~ Lakeland has a small community of like-minded folks here, a neat farmers market, co-ops and family friendly parks around. I have really enjoyed living here this past year (I was a transplant from AK). I love living in Florida in general!
I have seen a lot of mamas posting over in Hillsborough County. Which I guess is closer to Tampa.  I am in Polk county. Seems a lot of us mamas are really spread out here. :(
Welcome!  I suspect you'll fit in just fine around here. I think you are not radical at all by the way, fwiw. Yes, I agree with the above poster, the due date clubs are a fabulous forum. I formed a bond with several women when I was preggers with my 7 year old and am still in contact with them today. Again, welcome and enjoy mdc.
Hello! Welcome to the forums MamaBlueBird! Congratulations on your pregnancy. What an exciting time in your life. Have you checked out the Due Date Clubs (DDC)? There is so much here to read and learn and discuss. Talk about brain food. I love the name you've picked out by the way. Again welcome and enjoy.
Welcome to MDC BaconLover!  to Mothering. Congratulation on your pregnancy. Have you gone over and checked out the Due Dates Club? (DDC) Lots of support and wonderful discussions going on around this site. Enjoy.
Hello MissCindy! to MDC! I'm happy you found us too! There is lots to read about and discuss here. Enjoy.
 Hello and  to MDC.   Yes, this is an amazing site full of like-minded mamas and daddys. It's easy to get sucked in here with all the different information and conversations always going on. Enjoy.
Hello from south Lakeland (polk county)   I'm so excited to see so many mamas out there, here in the Tampa-ish area. My family and I moved here about 7 months ago from Alaska.  Wow is Florida quite a bit different. I am a momma of 3, have been a sahm, wahm, and soon to be a wohm.  I would love to see this thread become more active.   So for those of you that have been in the area for longer, do you know about a Waldorf based toy store that has toys and also...
Hey there! I just wanted to update my info. should anyone else look for this similar type of info. As of August 2012, if  you order your passport through the post office, they fax info down to the border stating that  you have applied for your passport and will let you through with your receipt of purchase, as well as your application. I also learned that if you don't have your passport,  they will let you through with a small amount of questioning. I didn't have my...
Hello :)   I'm sort of near you, I'm in Polk county (otherside of Hillsborough). I'm am a new-ish floridian.
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