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I happened to have an appointment at the wellness / birth center my son was born in on Friday and popped into their baby boutique while I was there and asked the store associate what she recommended and she told me a lot of people have had good luck with cj's BUTTer. So I bought a small little tube figuring it was worth a shot. It is AMAZING people. Ds' eczema is almost unnoticeable and he hasn't been itching at all. It went from weeping and bright red on Friday to his...
I actually got on here for just the same reason. My 5 1/2 month old has a terrible rash from drooling. I took him to the ped two weeks ago bc it wasn't going away and I had tried everything from dabbing the drool constantly, putting unpetrolium jelly on it and even the over the counter cortisone. She prescribed me harsher cortisone, but even that isn't working. my little guy is also itchy and his face looks so rough. I'm currently cutting dairy from my diet to see if it's...
Congrats to all of you ladies! :) I love reading your stories! :)   Four weeks late but here goes!   On the 25th of October I had my 39 week visit and my midwife checked me. I was 4 cm dilated, 0 station and 80 percent effaced. Since DP and I split up a few weeks before, I then planned to make my sisters my support system for the birth so my sister that lives in Boston flew down that night because I was pretty sure baby was coming soon since I was so far along...
:) Ezra Ryan was born last night at 6:46 PM after 2 hours and 46 minutes of labor from first contraction to baby in my arms. :) :) It was SO fast, but he is SO SO SO SO SO perfect and I am so happy. We had to stay at the BC last night because I was bleeding so heavily. :( I will post photos and a longer birth story later but it's snuggle time right now! :) 
Yay! Congratulations! :) 
I've been using a lot of what I believe is plug all day... Lots of gooey bloody-ish discharge throughout the day? I was up every 20 or 30 minute last night because of back pain and contractions...    
I hope it is mama! Try to rest either way! :) I'm right there with you... Baby will be here soon! :)
My midwife told me just today that even though it was still all the way back there (I can *occasionally* reach if I try REALLY hard) it can change in a jiffy. It's also really hard for me because it's behind his little head and I have short fingers and he seems to have a big head...  Ahhh well. :)  
I was SHOCKED when my midwife told me that... I expected to have a low station and maybe be like, 1 cm dilated or something... but 4!?!? WOO-HOO!!! :) 
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