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I don't think there is anything you could write in a few sentences that would justify taking two small children to Uganda un-vaxed. Are you honestly saying that they require vaxes for adults and not children/babies?
My son swallowed one of those glass beads about a month ago. We ended up with surgery as it was stuck in his throat. It doesn't always come out. Big sign to look for is not keeping food down. The Dr said coins were the most common thing he had remove. It can be really scary, good luck I feel for you.
I think there is a stigma too. Having being held back in first because I was small and right on the cut off day I felt older as I grew up. My teachers treated me differently and peers certainly did. I never found work hard but teachers expected less of me because I didn't try. My son is born a few weeks before the cut off day like me, he on the other hand is in his correct year. He is doing well, in fact at the top of his class.   Teachers give grades within an...
I wonder who determined it was an eloquent email. 
BBC is a good source. But like the others said it isn't edditorials. The Age in australia is good. I am sorry the ny times is no longer viable for me. 
There is no radiation threat to california. Only a lot of media fear. I live here and my children and I are not getting poisioned and are not going to die. Remember the swine flu, and all the drama and fear mongering surrouning that. In reality there wasn't a worse flu, in fact a flu that killed far fewer people than the regular one.    However, don't bother coming if you are going to be afraid. 
Awesome post. There is no way I could have expressed this better. wesome
My daughter has an insert in the toilet so the seat in smaller. I would sit in front of her on a stool and she then pees by herself, I keet her company rather than held her. Also she could maybe pee in the shower so she could squat there. 
Thank you for this link. I will make up the pants this week. I always thought I could do something along these lines but this looks perfect. Cheers...
Make sure she pees as part of her night time routine. That is brush teeth, pee, story, sleep. If they wake during the night take them to pee immediatly, they probably have a full bladder (doesn't that wake you?). Then back to sleep. All this is much easier if you are co sleeping.  For what it's worth my kids were dry at night well before 1 so I totally disagree that it is developmental. Anyway good luck, I guess it is hard to change a behaviour once it has become the...
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