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Welcome to the new babes!!
Here is Caleb Taylor at about 2 weeks old. He is nursing like a champ and sleeping well, too. I love co-sleeping with my nurslings. Makes getting rest much easier!!
I've been meaning to jump on here and post our news, but haven't had a chance. Our little guy was born 3 weeks early on the 9th at 4:40 am after my water broke on the 8th. He weighed 8lbs. 7oz. and was 21" long. I'm so thankful to not be pregnant anymore. He would have been a giant had he waited until his due date.
Yay! What a cutie!
Awwww! What a sweet little guy! Love his name and his smile. So glad all is going well, mama!!!
Figuring out the nursing while laying down saved my sanity, too. Half the time I don't even know I'm nursing until I wake up to a squirming baby wanting the other side! I did make some extra-large wool puddle pads for this go around so it would catch any leaks. I'm not a huge fan of waking up in a puddle of milk!
I think a "nursery" isn't necessary. Of course , I had one with my first babe, but now expecting our 6th, I realize a matching bumper pad/sheet set/wall hanging was all a bit frivolous. However, the pack 'n play we received with our first baby is now going to be used with our 6th, as it has been every baby since our first. We don't have room or own a crib, so for naps or when they are old enough to move out of our bed, the pack 'n play has been the 'crib'. My list for...
Michelle, I was just thinking the same thing. No baby shower for me either, which is fine, I don't need anything for the new babe at all, it is just too bad that society doesn't think it important to acknowledge or otherwise celebrate any babies after you've had the acceptable 2.5. Ah well...my hubby and kids are super excited and think it is awesome we are having another one and that is what really matters! I might need to go to the chiro, too. After reading this...
I'm excited to be nursing my 6th babe. One of my favorite parts of parenting for sure. It isn't always comfortable or easy those first few weeks, but it is well worth the time and patience...eventually you and the babe will figure it all out and it will be easy! I have "prepped" my nipples by rubbing them with lanolin every night the 4 or so weeks before birth and have never experienced chapped or sore nipples. My first midwife suggested it to help toughen them up...
So sweet, mama!! Hugs to you and the little guy. I hope he is home soon!
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