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I've had two babies both naturally and did not take any type of classes with either of mine. I just did lots of research on natural childbirth, picked up a few books from the library and focused only on the information related to birthing naturally! You can do! Once you've birthed children naturally you feel like you can conquer the world! Go for it! 
What are your favorite natural remedies for ear infections??
The comments and questions never really bother me mostly they are just kind of amusing. The interesting thing is we live in a big city full of diversity where I don't even think about the fact that DH and I would be considered and interracial couple. One day we were playing at the park and I was following around DS and this lady says Oh, he's so cute... Is he yours? I answer ya he's mine. his dad is really fair skinned. Surprised by my response she says oh no I just...
Thank you! I was wondering if it might be our carseat that was just not allowing for some much needed leg room. We have a britax! Maybe we'll look into getting a different seat if the complains start coming.   
Thank you for all the feed back. I understand the need to keep the LO rear facing as long as possible but I'm just curious about the LO's legs being squished when they remain RF as they start to grow. Our DS is still RF but his legs seem to be really scrunched up! Are there not concerns about that aspect of being RF?
I come from a multicultural family and my husband does as well. But my DH is very fair skinned and I am not. So our LOs have taken after him. In the summer I get very dark and I can't tell you how many times people have asked me, "Oh is he your son!?" Luckily even though my DD is more fair skinned she looks like my mini me. Just curious if this happens to any one else? And how do you respond?
I saw the title of this thread and got excited! Although I'm not as young as I used to be! I just had a birthday and am feeling older these days since I'm now "pushing" 30! But I totally understand what its like being a young mama. I had my 1st our DD when I was 23. We live in a neighborhood where there are lots of nannies so I constantly have people asking me if these are my kids! I feel like being a young mom is great though! We have our whole lives ahead of us! And...
Thanks for starting this! I'm new to the mothering community website and I feel like so many that posted on the original confessional thread. We are neither mainstream or completely crunchy or whatever its called. So its nice to know I'm not alone and welcomed in this community! 
So a little update... I was under the impression that by law we had to have our little ones registered from kindy but then I did some more research and realized that we don't! So the pressure has been lifted on the time table I thought I was under. I'm so excited to do more research and start on our homeschooling journey! I have lots to learn and all advice is welcomed! 
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